January 12, 2024

Rogers Students Learn Chess Courtesy of the BEF

Rogers Students Learn Chess Courtesy of the BEF

On December 21, the Rogers Chess Club met for their weekly session to learn and play chess. This club is free to students and sponsored by the Berkley Education Foundation’s Enrichment Program. 

Students filled the room, enthusiastic and ready for their chess matches. The session began with a brief lesson about how to plan ahead in chess and then students applied their newfound knowledge in their matches. 

In addition to their club advisors, Berkley High School students offered helping hands, guidance and participated in friendly matches with the younger players. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the younger students' determination to outplay the high schoolers brought a spirited competitiveness to the event. This after-school club provides an opportunity for 70 students to share their love for the game and create  memorable experiences for all involved.

The Berkley Education Foundation funds enrichment courses free of charge to bring unique experiences to students and to enhance their learning. To learn more about the BEF, visit their website. To support the BEF and the Enrichment Program, visit the BEF’s donation site.