November 10, 2023

BEF Awards 15 Fall Innovation-Grants

BEF Awards 15 Fall Innovation Grants

Congratulations to the following Berkley Schools staff members for receiving a Fall 2023 Berkley Education Foundation Innovation-Grant. The BEF funds innovative project requests, special materials to enhance lessons and educational technology. Innovation-Grants are for more than basic classroom supplies. They are an opportunity for staff members to be creative, push the envelope and expand learning for students. The BEF has an annual $15,000 allocation to support Innovation-Grants.

Adult Transition

Jennifer Plater, Field Trip to Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Anderson Middle School

Heather Roesner, Build in Supports for our Classroom Routine

Angell Elementary School

Julie McKeeman, Giving Bricks a Second Life

Meghan Thomas, SumBlox for Sum Math Fun

Lauren Wexler, Bringing Books to Life in 1st Grade

Kellie Zimcosky, Making Math Concrete with SumBlox

Berkley Building Blocks

Lea Austin, Support for Social/Emotional/Behavioral Needs

Berkley High School

Joe Fredal, Kitchen Equipment

Sarah Noble, Piano Unit Grant

Mary Martinuzzi, Sensory Supplies

Kim Sclafini, Microenterprise for ASD Students

Burton Elementary School

Lauren Rentrop, Classroom Cookbook Project - Part 2

Madison Steinbaugh & Emily Sroka, Blue Jay Coffee Cart

Norup International School

Prima Dailey, “The Dailey Dose” Podcast - Innovative Podcasting Equipment

Rogers Elementary School

Carli Jones, Rogers Coffee Cart

If you’d like to donate to the BEF to support the Grant program, you can do so online.