Berkley Education Foundation Off to the Races Virtual Edition

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Horses & How to Win Prizes

$50 for Regular Horses

$250 for Golden Horses

Once all the horses are sold, we'll let you know so you can come back to our website to learn how to win prizes during the night!

Dinner Options are coming soon from Berkley Common, Republica and Green Lantern Berkley.

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Kentucky Side Car Drink Kit - provided by Berkley Common

$20 per Kit


Bourbon, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Sugar 

Each kit will include small bottles of the alcohol as well as containers with portioned amounts to the recipe.

How to pick Up your kit

All orders will be given to Berkley Common as soon as the ordering window closes. Pick up will take place at Berkley Common on Saturday, February 6, 2021. More details on pick up times will be released soon.

Ordering Window Closes: February 3, 2021

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Moscow Mule Drink Kit - Provided by Berkley Marathon

$30 per Kit


A fifth of Sea Vodka, a six pack of Goslings Ginger Beer (diet or regular) and two limes

How to Pick Up Your Kit

You can pick up your kit at the Berkley Marathon on 12 mile, February 1-6. Stop in any time.

Ordering window closes January 29, 2021.

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Moscow Mule Options

Horse Racing Sheets

Golden Race Horses

10 Available - 2 left!

  • Cooper Glass Homes,
    Sponsor: Cooper Glass Homes
  • Nichols Paper & Supply,
    Sponsor: Nichols Paper & Supply
  • McDavid'sFastSocks,
    Sponsor: Phoenix Performance Partners
  • Super Nova Chiropractic
    Sponsor: Nova Chiropractic
    Berkley Athletic Boosters
  • Earnest the CAT
    Sponsor: Lowell Friedman
  • ToeKnee
    Sponsor: Berkley Realty Group
  • Name coming soon
    Sponsor: Pfusion

Regular Horses

30 Available - 1 left!

  • Chomping Chara
    Owner: Amy Bluhm
  • 2020 in the Dust
    Owner: Marybeth Schlau
  • Virtual Fred
    Owner: Ken Showler
  • Dapper Dan & Mr. Trouble
    Owner: Paula Cardelli
  • UD Flyer
    Owner: Liz Capuano
  • Name coming soon
    Owner: Julie Melrose
  • UrOn Mute & Whoa Nelly
    Owner: Angell Staff
  • Anti Vax Manure
    Owner: Paul Yowchuang
  • RBG
    Owner: Kara Watson
  • That'll do pig & Show me the money
    Owner: Julia Carlesso
  • Saturdays for Success
    Owner: Berkley African American Parent Network
  • Shotgun Wedding & ynoT the Italian Stalian
    Owner: Barbara Tombrillo
  • Zoomed Out
    Owner: Khadija Walker-Fobbs
  • Grandpa Meyer
    Owner: Jordan Field
  • Stewball & Stewball
    Owner: Robert Schnieders
  • Lil' Sebastian
    Owner: Shannon Bonsall
  • All About the Numbers
    Owner: Jennifer Poston
  • You'reMUTED
    Owner: Mary Coughlin
  • Solid for the win
    Owner: Jenna Romain
  • Name coming soon
    Owner: Scott Francis
  • Name coming soon
    Owner: Technology Department
  • Name coming soon
    Owner: Teaching & Learning Department
  • Chamber Marquee
    Owner: Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Raccoon
    Owner: Rogers Staff